No Blogging Time!

30 03 2011

I’ve just been speaking with Dan Roberts… well, tweeting anyway (@chickensaltash). We both seem to agree that as teachers, it can sometimes be really quite difficult to find the time to blog. Even as I write this now, I have a day packed full of teaching, planning, moderation visits from an exam board, reports to write, parents evening to plan for. Teaching seems to be a never ending treadmill of things to do. Where can we find the time to blog? For me, it comes pretty low down the list of priorities… afterall, I get paid to run on the treadmill, not to blog my thoughts.

I can’t help but thinking I’m just making excuses. It takes all of 10 minutes to sit down and write a blog post. Surely I can spare that time? Sometimes, as teachers, I think we see networking and blogging as a bolt-on to our work. I normally get into school around 7am, normally leave around 7pm – sometimes the last thing I want to do when I get home is MORE work. But, I do think the added benefits of writing my thoughts down actually outweigh the time spent typing. My thoughts are there for other people to see and comment on and this added perspective is incredibly valuable (we tend to be rather insular in our own schools and classrooms at times).

What do others think? Are you a teacher and do you find that you do make the time to blog/network? How do you manage it? Am I just being incredibly inefficient with my time? Can we spare the extra quarter of an hour every other day to write in a blog? I’d love to know what you think…




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